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September 1-28, 2017


For More Information and to Register, Contact me at meadow@meadowlinn.com 




Renew, Rejuvenate, Revitalize, & Release Old Limiting Programming

Total focus on health and your body … as the conduit to your life


Where do you want to be in in one year? Where do want to be in ten years?

At least once in life it’s a valuable pursuit to take stock of life (and take stock of your health) and clear out anything that doesn’t empower you … to step into a new and bright cycle in life.

Are you ready to completely assess your life and your health and then take steps for the future you desire? I’m ready. I’m ready for a reset in my life . . . and for the month of September my mom and I are going to be working on our own intensive reset and would love to mentor a few people who would like to do the same.

My mom’s very favorite thing in life is to help someone’s dreams come true. It juices her like nothing else. She says: “I feel like my journey in life is as a ‘dream maker.'” For the first time in her life she (along with me) is going to mentor a small group on a health, vitality, total life-reset program. I’m so excited about this! I’m ready for a new shiny cycle in my own life. I look forward to those valiant beings that join me on this journey.

Do you want to feel healthy and vibrant in all areas of your life?


  • Reconnect with Your Higher Source
  • Open to receive blessings of The Divine
  • Stop holding yourself back
  • Step into Your Power
  • Group Coaching 3 x a Week (recorded)
  • Daily Group Support E-mails
  • Downloadable Meditations
  • Group Facebook page
  • Ultimate Clutter Clearing of Body, Home and Life
  • Cleansing Healing Recipes
  • Vital Health Information
  • Dropping Weight From Your Body, As Well As Weight From Your Heart
  • 30 Minute Reading/Consultation with Denise
  • 1 Hour Consultation Coaching with Meadow
  • Support For Your Creation Of Your One Year Plan (And Your Ten Year Plan)
  • One Year Online Reunion On September 28th 2018
  • The investment: $3300. However, register in the next 7 days and the price is $2800.
  • September 1st to September 28

For More Information and to Register, Contact me at meadow@meadowlinn.com

P.S. As soon as we receive your registration, I’d love a photo to download and print so I can put it on my personal altar to begin sending blessings and prayers your way.

* I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist. I do not make any claims to diagnose or cure disease or injury.